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How will 4G mobile affect apps and how can organisations measure mobile with analytics?

October 31, 2012 at 5:16 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

ee logo 4g uk

It’s taken longer than expected, but 4G internet is finally available here in the UK on the newly formed EE Network, but how long will it take for consumers to adopt it and how will it impact on mobile usage?


4G promises faster speeds and instant connectivity for the most demanding of users. Gone will be the days of waiting minutes for a video to load or for a file to download directly to your phone; in most cases your 4G speed might actually be faster than your home internet connection!



Mobile and App usage growth

As mobile access becomes more affordable, it is no surprise that mobile internet usage continues to grow year-on-year. A special report into mobile usage from BI Intelligence delivered some interesting findings, drawing upon the uniqueness of mobile web being split between the browser and app:


mobile apps vs browser usage report

  • Apps had a greater penetration
  • More time in apps compared to mobile browser
  • Easier access to time-consuming mobile activities now available in apps
  • Mobile browsers growth flat but greater smartphone adoption may increase this
  • HTML5 web apps could be the future





4G impact on mobile usage

With the increased speeds from 4G, we can only expect mobile usage to grow further. Will we finally see the death of the desktop/laptop PC and a major shift towards mobile and tablets? Organisations can take advantage of 4G by delivering richer content to the end user through dedicated apps or mobile websites.



Are you using mobile analytics?

If you are measuring a website with analytics, are you applying the same principle to your mobile assets? Competition amongst apps is very fierce with an estimated 60% of developers not breaking even with their apps. Understanding mobile app usage beyond the download can provide organisations with valuable insights into mobile interaction. Just some of the stats that can be measured include:


  • Geographical location
  • Application session duration
  • Mobile operating system information
  • New and returning users
  • In-app ad response, searches and purchases
  • Trended usage and engagement summary
  • Network carrier and connection type
  • Error pages


If you would like to know more about mobile analytics, contact Matraxis today to discuss the best options to help you measure your mobile apps and websites.

Tags: Apps Mobile Analytics Mobile Browsers 4G
Category: Mobile News

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