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5 examples of CAPTCHA games that will entertain you

July 30, 2013 at 2:10 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

So you're just about to buy tickets for your favourite band or download that free whitepaper that you want to read, when you are suddenly hit by a CAPTCHA box. You reluctantly spend a minute or two trying to decipher the mangled text before proceeding any further. Whilst the web has moved forward, it seems CAPTCHA forms haven't. This is not the case anymore as fun ways of proving you are not a computer bot are becoming available.


This blog article will look at five alternative CAPTCHA systems I have come across. So why not try them out and support the right against spam bots!




playthru captcha

A popular example I have seen used on sites such as, PlayThru uses a database of cartoon mini-games that are fun and standout. Not just for desktop, PlayTru is optimised for mobile and touch screen devices and supports users with accessibility difficulties.




minteye captcha

Targeted towards advertisers or site owners, minteye uses an image slider approach as opposed to typing in text to verify yourself. Looks like a solution that is easy to customise depending on your needs and is highly visual.




type-in captcha

Solve Media's Type-In solution uses a non-intrusive approach to advertisement display and claims clients only pay for guaranteed human engagement. Available in both display and video format, although the text selection format may be difficult for users not accustomed to brands from other countries.



Confident CAPTCHA

confident captcha

A simple image based game that uses a three step approach to tricking spam bot's. Being a visual game makes it easy to play on mobile devices and supports additional advertising space underneath. An audio accessible version is available it doesn't appear user-friendly as no input box appears.



Digital Spin

digital spin captcha

A new CAPTCHA system that is in Beta testing phase. Rather than sticking to one style, there appears to be a collection of games for web developers or advertisers to customise e.g. the horse-race CAPTURE is a gamification approach to increase conversions for betting sites.



The future of CAPTCHA

Whilst it will be a long time before we see the end of ancient text-based CAPTCHA systems such as Google's free reCAPTCHA service, organisations should first assess their audience and whether game/advert-based solutions are a better alternative to spam prevention.


Recently, Ticketmaster planned to ditch their CAPTCHA system after it deemed it to be too complex for users to understand – something that could impact ticket sales. Organisations may benefit from A/B Multivariate testing to see how different CAPTCHA systems impact on conversion rates.



Matraxis are independent experts in web analytics and helping organisations to understand their web visitors across website, mobile and social. To learn more and how analytics and testing can improve your web presence, get in contact with us today!

Tags: Web Design CAPTCHA PlayThru minteye Type-In Confident CAPTCHA Digital Spin Advertising
Category: Web Design

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