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Are Facebook sponsored posts worth buying?

December 07, 2012 at 2:11 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Millions of posts and conversations are happening everyday on Facebook. You want to ensure that your message is being read but how can you achieve this? Facebook advertising is nothing new, but as of late, businesses have an option to 'promote posts' to gain greater visibility...but is it worth the investment?



facebook promote post

Why should I use post promotion?

As a business, you may question the point of paying to promote posts if you already get a good engagement from your fans from your standard posts. What you might not know is that Facebook recently changed their EdgeRank algorithm, which in turn caused a dramatic reduction in Facebook Page Reach.


Through Facebook Insights, you may want to compare the difference in reach from recent posts to those dating back a few months...if there is a big difference, you may want to consider post promotion!




Why not stick to sidebar adverts?

Good question, sidebar advertising can be useful for organisations who wish to target specific demographics and groups of people.


However, here you are not necessarily targeting fans of your brand. In addition, more people have access to smartphones; recently up 21 percent of Facebook's 604 million mobile monthly active users are skipping the website altogether.


It wouldn't be in Facebook's interest to alienate users and start showing full adverts on mobile especially when screen space is limited. Sponsored posts have the advantage of being displayed in the viewers' newsfeed - giving the impression of being a natural post. Also, you will only be targeting those who have actively expressed an interest in your brand already - this can then expand to their friends.



facebook like thumb



Will I see a return from Facebook sponsored posts?

This is a tricky one and can only be answered with a little bit of testing. The recent algorithm change suggests that standard posts will not reach as many followers as previously experienced.  Whilst sponsored posts may appear at the top of a viewers newsfeed, but may also need to consider the message you are sending out to your followers. Facebook is about delivering content that is interactive and engaging to your followers to respond and share.


On top of Facebook Insights, you may want to consider using Facebook Analytics which deliverers in depth information about your Facebook brands and user engagement on and off Facebook – If so, what are they doing as soon as they land on your website?

Tags: Social Media Analytics Reporting Facebook Post Promotion Brand Reach
Category: Social Media News

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