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Cracking Big Data with Webtrends Explore and Lifetime Streams - Engage 2013

November 08, 2013 at 11:20 AM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Known for kickstarting the web analytics industry nearly 20 years ago, Webtrends have shown no stopping in innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital analytics. At Engage 2013, held at the luxurious Park Plaza Hotel in London, we were treated to not only one, but two game-changing innovations in development by Webtrends; Webtrends Explore and Webtrends Lifetime Streams.


As a leading Webtrends Premier Partner and Master Distributor in the UK, we are excited by these new additions to the Webtrends product suite to help understand digital assets and user journeys at a level that was not previously possible in the industry.


webtrends explore lifetime streams annoucement 


Webtrends Explore

Webtrends pride themselves on not putting any limits on the types of data you want to collect about visitors. Marketers are already benefiting from reporting on this information on a daily basis, but what about those ad-hoc questions that you want to immediately answer to support marketing decisions?


Webtrends Explore simplifies this by allowing marketers to instantly query and dig into their data sets without any sampling restrictions! This level of customer intelligence is not possible with any other product and really opens up the ability to segment data sets on-the-fly. Drilldown can happen to visitor (think across multiple devices) or visit level. And the best part of all this - it will be free for all On Demand users and is due for release in Spring 2014!


Webtrends Explore Demo


Loading the player ...




Webtrends Lifetime Streams

Released last year, Webtrends Streams was an introduced as an innovative way for organisations to view visitor-level event and session data in real-time through a customised dashboard interface. Marketers instantly saw the impact of their activities, be-it an email campaign or visits to a site after a television advert.


Webtrends Lifetime Streams goes one step further by combing both visitor historical data along side in-session data; giving a comprehensive view on journeys across all digital assets. With Webtrends flexible API, users can push this information out to 3rd party systems to support remarketing programs e.g. sending real-time special offers via email or SMS if a particular segment of visitors abandon the shopping cart.  The possibilities to use this valuable information are endless!



Webtrends Engage 2013

Bringing together the leading thinkers in the digital environment along, Webtrends Engage 2013 was a big success. For those who unfortunately missed the event, stayed tuned over the coming days for my summary of the event and the topics that you need to consider to become and stay digitally competitive.

Tags: Webtrends Web Analytics Campaign Measurement Webtrends Explore Webtrends Lifetime Streams Customer Journey Engage 2013
Category: Web Analytics

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