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Facebook gamification and how to measure apps with analytics

October 04, 2012 at 11:04 AM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Gaming is often blamed for turning the current generation into ‘couch potatoes’, but can gaming actually incentivise collaboration and aid online marketing activities for brands? If so, how easy is it to measure gaming interaction?



Gamification on the internet

‘Gamification’ is one of those new buzz words on the internet. You could say that Facebook is one of the leading models in gamification; Farmville being one of the most popular games. Marketers have the ability to target key demographics through Facebook App gaming, whilst at the same time creating brand recognition and customer relationships – killing two birds with one stone!


You only have to see Badgeville’s purchase of this year that gamification is an opportunity area in online marketing.


farmville facebook gamification

Farmville on Facebook


All is good once you have a Facebook App in place, but without understanding how people are interacting with your App’s, you will never know how effective they are!



Facebook App Analytics with Webtrends

One way you can measure App activity is through Webtrends Facebook Analytics for Apps. With Webtrends, you can specifically tag your Facebook Apps to measure and understand a variety of items such as:


  • are people clicking on specific buttons?
  • do certain items attract more click-throughs?
  • what your conversion steps?
  • is your app engaging?


As the an independent UK Webtrends Premier Partner and Master distributor, contact Matraxis today to discuss how you can start measuring Facebook Apps with advanced analytics.

Tags: Social Media Webtrends Gamification Facebook Apps
Category: Social Media News

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