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Google Analytics adds change history log feature

February 27, 2013 at 2:54 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Google Analytics administrators can now finally rejoice after finally gaining the ability to view logged account changes through a new section called "Change History". This has for long been a requested feature and should help put a stop to administrators frantically running around and locating people who have made changes to an account!



How do I find the change history feature?

The change history feature is only available at admin-level so a user-level account will not have the ability to see the log changes. Google is gradually rolling out this feature so dont panic if you cant see it just yet!



If you are one of the lucky few who have been given immediate access to the change history feature, you can simply view it by following the steps below:

google analytics change history

  • 1 - Log into Google Analytics and click the Admin button
  • 2 - Select the account name from the 'Account list'
  • 3 - Click on the 'Change History' tab


Tip: if you don't want to sift through hundreds of logs you can filter the results by entering a value into the search box e.g. you may want to only view the changes made by one user by entering their administrator email address.



What information is recorded?

Google Analytics will automatically track changes from the last 180 days for any changes made to the following:

  • Accounts
  • Filters
  • Goals
  • Profiles
  • Users


and will list specific changes including:

  • users, goals and filters added to the account
  • new events and profiles created
  • deletions from the account

Advanced change history

Unfortunately, Google Analytics hasn't given administrators the ability to annotate their own notes for changes. This might not be necessary for small setups, but if you are an administrator of a large account, the creation of a new filter or goal might need further explanation.


As Google Analytics has limited a view of changes to the last 180 days, you may still find it useful to log changes manually in a spreadsheet as a backup. It is also worth noting that the annotations feature could be used to add context to report charts e.g. a large spike in visits might be caused by a filter that was changed.



Matraxis consultants are leading experts in web analytics and helping you get the most from your website. Contact us today for additional information on Google Analytics Consultancy.

Tags: Google Analytics Analytics Reporting Administration Change History
Category: Google News

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