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How to measure offline campaigns and combine data with web analytics - Part 2

March 28, 2013 at 11:30 AM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Following on from part 1 on measuring offline campaigns with web analytics, part 2 will look at further methods of measuring offline campaigns and using that data against web analytics.


There may be instances where direct traffic to your website occurs from external sources that you are not managing. Whilst these may not necessarily be campaigns, keeping a record of their impact can be useful to help understand trends and value. Examples may include word of mouth marketing through:


  • Newspaper article
  • TV program
  • Social media
  • Event appearance


e.g. your website is mentioned during a consumer magazine show and you experience a spike in web traffic. With this knowledge, you may want to consider sponsoring the show or buying advertising space if this is your target market…not forgetting to use a unique URL that can then be attributed to offline campaigns as we discussed in part 1!




Annotate notes in Google Analytics

Within Google Analytics you can add short annotation notes to your reports. These are good for adding markers to your web reports.


 google analytics annotated notes



The example above shows a short spike in website traffic. To create an annotation, simply double click on the day marker and add it as a shared or private note.




Annotate in Webtrends Analytics

Within the latest Webtrends On Demand interface (Webtrends 10), users can now add notes to annotate reports.


webtrends 10 annotated notes


As shown in the above example, notes are categorised as letters and can be viewed when accessing the 'annotation view'. Note: you can even attribute notes to certain times unlike in Google Analytics which just counts for the day.




RSS feed to Webtrends

As opposed to manually adding notes, Webtrends 10 allows you to add RSS feed data which can then automatically overlay information on your reports. This is very useful where organisations have multiple sources of data that need cross-referencing to see website impact (in addition to campaign reporting).


webtrends 10 rss feed notes


e.g. a company has a schedule of TV adverts at various times for the week. Using a RSS tool, they set up a RSS feed to automatically relay when an advert is shown on TV. The URL of the feed is then passed to Webtrends which will automatically capture future feed titles and put them as a note on the report graph.



Matraxis are independent specialists in Web Analytics as a solution for measuring and understanding your website and digital assets' performance as a means for making informed business decisions. Get in contact with us today to discuss all things analytics!

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Category: Web Analytics

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