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Impressive social media analytics for Red Bull Stratos mission

October 15, 2012 at 4:06 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

After all the hype and excitement around the stunt, Felix Baumgartner finally got his chance to have his name in the records books by completing the world’s highest freefall jump – from 128, 100 feet.

But did you also know that if you were one of the millions of people watching the event live on YouTube, you played your part in breaking another record – YouTube’s Live view record…although the chances of getting an official certificate for that are slim!



Social media advertising success

The social media measurement statistics from this event are staggering to say the least:

  • YouTube – 8+ million concurrent live views! (beating the previous record from Presient Obama's inaugural speech)
  • Facebook – official Red Bull posted picture gathered 29,000 shares, 216,000 likes and more than 10,000 comments in less than 40 minutes of being posted!
  • Twitter – millons upon millions of tweets and globaly trending with offers of support and excitement


Think of all that marketing exposure for Red Bull! – something different and easily monitored with Social Media Measurement Analytics



Live streaming analytics in YouTube

The live feed of the mission provided an impressive demonstration in live analytics. Viewers were able to see real-time analytics outlining interesting statistics such as the ‘capsule temperature’ and ‘current position’ of the capsule as it ascended.

red bull stratos live youtube feed analytics

View the interactive mission timeline 


Live video statistics and user interaction

This certainly won’t be the last time YouTube will hold a large global live stream broadcast. There appears to be a big shift in delivering interesting content over the internet; as has been done with live music concert broadcasts. With this comes the possibility to gather valuable audience data at a cheaper cost than traditional methods.


More organisations are delivering online video content, but do they know how many people are watching it? And most importantly, how they are engaging with it?


Talk to us today about Matraxis Video Analytics and we can discuss the best options for you to exploit online video statistics and social media engagement.

Tags: Social Media YouTube Video Analytics
Category: Social Media News

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