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Instagram aims to 'cut down' Twitter's Vine - Impact for marketers

July 04, 2013 at 12:30 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

In a move to challenge Twitter's Vine application, released earlier this year, Facebook-owned Instagram have added the ability for users to create short 15-second clips...so instead of sharing a sepia-filtered image of your pet, you can now show off a clip of your pet doing cute things whilst still keeping that filtered look!


Whilst on the surface all seems similar, in this article I will look at some of the subtle differences and how marketers can benefit from short video clip sharing as part of their social media strategy.


instagram video vs vine



Differences between Vine and Instagram video


Video length


Delete last clip

Import videos

Image stabilisation

Front-facing camera



Share to





Photo map


15 seconds








Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,

Flickr, Email, foursquare







How Vine has grown (and declined?) this year

Whilst Vine is not the world's first short clip maker, it has become popular due to its simple interface and limits to challenge users. Research by video technology company Unruly, found on average "5 tweets per second contained a Vine link" and "branded vines are four times more likely to shared than branded online videos"


But since the introduction of Instagram video, some may argue that Vine has taken a hit with a sharp drop in usage as users possibly switchover. Research by Marketing Land found Vine had a 40 percent usage drop in one day after Instagram's video announcement on 20th June...a sharp drop!


UPDATE 4th JULY: Just this week, Vine released a new update including redesigned camera, categorised genres and an option to revine people's existing Vines (similar to retweeting?).



How marketers can use short video clips services

Whilst it may seem that short video clips don't allow marketers much time to convey a message, services like Vine or Instagram video can serve as a great starting point for an advertising journey. Econsultancy.com recently published an article on five great vs. five bad examples of Vine and concluded the need to be creative and grab a consumers' attention.


My favourite is Bacardi's "This is how we roll" Vine below:

Bacardi Vine .gif


Other considerations for creating engaging short clip content:

  • Does it relate to an existing campaign and are you tracking conversions using analytics?
  • Adding sounds can enhance a clip but make sure your clip also makes sense without sound
  • Using stop motion filming can help save you valuable time but remember to keep your camera still!
  • Dont confuse the viewer with multiple scene clips or you will give them a headache!



If you are interesting in learning more about social media marketing and monitoring and how to use services such as Vine or Instagram in addition to Facebook and Twitter, get in contact with Matraxis and we can discuss the best options to help get you sharing great content!

Tags: Social Media Facebook Instagram Vine Short video Analytics
Category: Social Media News

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