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Instagram removes Twitter Cards support sparking social media photosharing battle

December 12, 2012 at 1:20 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Ever since Facebook stunned the tech-world with the purchase of Instagram for $1bn back in April, there has been much speculation of how this will affect how other social media services use Instagram. The first major victim has become Twitter after Instagram turned off support for Twitter Cards, which display photos and videos within tweets, on Sunday.



So Twitter users can't use Instagram anymore?

This is not strictly true, the major change only stops Twitter users from displaying their Instagram photos through the Twitter timeline - users will now instead have to visit the Instagram website or app to see any images.


twitter instagram



Why has Instagram done this?

Before Facebook came into the equation, Instagram and Twitter worked closely to combine their services. Now it appears that Facebook want to protect their investment by forcing users to view and interact with images through the Instagram website or app as opposed through third-party services.


Photosharing has become a popular part of social media communication and there is the hidden potential to gather a wealth of user information - something Facebook have recognised after changes to data usage rules to allow the company to share users' details with Instagram.




Twitter's response and Pinterest comes to the rescue

Almost immediately, Twitter responded back to Instagram's actions by adding photo-sharing features to its mobile service to allow users to edit images on the go with filters similar to Instagram.


And almost out of coincidence, Pinterest, the pinboard-style social photo sharing application, announced support for Twitter cards. The upcoming social media service has seen rapid growth in popularity, especially in the US, and this move may pay dividends in attracting more users around the world.



Are you measuring your social media activities both internally and externally? Get in contact with Matraxis today to discuss how Social Media Monitoring can help your increase your social engagement and presence.

Tags: Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest
Category: Social Media News

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