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Is social media in danger of becoming standardised?

February 07, 2013 at 11:47 AM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

There are hundreds of social media services out there and each have their own unique feature to distinguish themselves from competition; be it Facebook's ability to revolve your whole social life through Facebook events, groups and messaging, or Twitter's 140 character limit and hashtag identifier.


But as we spend more time on social media, recent research from Morrison Foerster's Socially Aware blog found that the amount of time spent on social-networking sites has more than doubled, from 2.7 hours per month in 2006 to 6.9 hours per month now, is it time that social media becomes standardised?


 social media icons


Social media platforms copying each other

The beauty with digital services is that product updates can introduce new functionalities at a fast pace. Ideally this should bring out creative ideas, but usually it leads to competitiors copying ideas from each other...after all "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"


This can be seen with recent updates late last year for Facebook and Twitter mobile applications on iOS. Facebook announced the ability to "share your favorite news from your newsfeed with a simple touch" This is very similar to Twitter's ability to repost someone else's tweet…a feature that has helped Twitter's success. In mobile form, this feature simplifies sharing content and connecting people for Facebook.




The influence of web design

Web design has changed a lot in recent years and the most notable drivers for change have been mobile use and social media. When browsing content on a mobile device, no user wants to be sent to the desktop version of the site. This is impractical and will drive visitors away if a mobile version of the website is unavailable.


With social media, people are now open to share content straight from the website through one-click social buttons.




The Pinterest tiled image look

With tablets and touchscreen interfaces taking over our lives, one popular design trait has been the use of large tiles – most notably used on image sharing site Pinterest. Giving a 'shopping window' user experience, this design style is easy to interact with and compliments to the appeal of using touchscreen devices.


 pinterest ebay linkedin new design



As you can see above, even recent design changes by eBay and LinkedIn have a Pinterest feel to them. Will we begin see the same for other social media services, both on desktop and mobile?



Matraxis are experts in web analytics and helping organisations understand how their digital assets are performing from website analytics to social media monitoring. Get in contact with Matraxis today to discuss how your digital assets are peforming!

Tags: Social Media Facebook Twitter Pinterest Standardisation LinkedIn Web Design
Category: Social Media News

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