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YouTube's most viewed video but what other video analytics are available?

November 27, 2012 at 3:05 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

It's the video phenomenon that has swept across the globe in a matter of months, and after weeks of counting down, Psy's 'Gangnam Style' is now officially YouTube's most viewed video with over 830 million views. A classic example of internet viral marketing at its simplest, there is more that can be learnt from the success of this video - apart from learning how to dance like a horse!



The video analytics behind Gangnam Style

Only published on 15th July 2012, the number video views is still growing by the day; it is only a matter of time before it becomes the first single video to achieve 1 billion views! Another achievement for the video is the 5 million 'likes' gained. Just underneath the video itself, YouTube provide us with nice graphical representation of how many videos views a certain video has achieved.


Note the annotated markers. These can act as a valuable indicator of which sources are influential to the viral success of a video - something that online marketers and video creators should be watching like a hawk!


gangnam style video statistics


Now you might be thinking, that's great and all, but how do I view more statistics on video performance? Luckily for you, Google/YouTube have been putting a lot of effort recently into giving content creators the type of statistics that they require. Previously called YouTube Insights, YouTube Analytics is where you can get video statistics including: 

  • Demographics
  • Playback sources
  • Subscribers
  • Estimated earnings
  • Watch time report
  • Call to action



Further advanced video statistics

Going beyond the statistics given by YouTube Analytics, you can get really clever by exporting the data or using the YouTube API to dynamically pull data into your own preferred application such as Excel. From there you have the ability to pull data into PivotTable's and creating your own graphs. If you have a lot of YouTube videos, why not have a custom Excel dashboard that you can use to monitor all your content in one glance?



What about videos not hosted on YouTube?

Not forgetting about those people who aren't using YouTube to host their content, it is still possible to gather video analytics to help understand video engagement. Matraxis Video Analytics is a solution developed to make reporting easy for your own hosted content…see time-driven and user interaction statistics for specific/groups of videos.


Get in contact with Matraxis today to discuss more about video analytics how to achieve this through social media monitoring or dashboards!

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Category: Social Media News

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