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Myspace to relaunch with new interface and social analytics

September 26, 2012 at 3:38 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis
myspace new logo 2012

Myspace, once an unstoppable force in the early days of social media...remember those days?, is making another attempt at a comeback with its fourth major website redesign; but can it regain a percentage of the hundred of millions of customers it once had?



A new interface with a new social focus

The new Myspace interface is geared towards music and artists, but more importantly, deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter - after all, they still remain the most popular platforms for sharing thoughts and material. See the new look preview for yourself at: http://new.myspace.com/play.


myspace interface social analytics

Social analytics for Myspace artists?


Watching the preview video, one thing that stood out is the infographic-styled analytics... artists certainly dont get these type of visuals within their Facebook Fan pages! This is an interesting approach by Myspace, these statistics can be very useful for artists; especially if they are trying to establish themselves in the social media universe.


So will artists comeback to Myspace to engage with their customers? Or will they stick to their current Facebook and Twitter accounts as their primary social media monitoring and communication tools?



Regardless, there is a wealth of information that organisations can gather from their social media activities. Talk to our Social Media Consultants today for more information on how you can achieve this.

Tags: Social Media Analytics Reporting
Category: Social Media News

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