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Webtrends Engage London 2013 Summary

November 14, 2013 at 12:10 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Billed as the "the only, one-day digital marketing event to attend this year", this year's Webtrends Engage event, held at the Park Plaza hotel in London, brought together the leading digital thinkers and marketing professionals from major brands across EMEA.


As a Webtrends Premier Partner in the UK, we at Matraxis jumped at the chance to attend the event and to learn the latest developments in digital marketing, and for a chance to see Irish comedian TV presenter Dara O'Briain as guest speaker at the end of the day! 


webtrends engage conference 2013 london


Support Contextual Experiences: Today and Tomorrow – Anjali Yakkundi (Analyst, Forrester Research)

  • Marketers need to move from passive reaction to active reaction

  • Consumers are hyperactive – brands need to work harder to maintain their interest with smarter, more relevant digital experiences

  • Show what the customer wants to see, not what the business wants the customer to see

  • We are moving from a personalisation to a contextualisation-era

  • Businesses need to know their customer journey map and different routes



Webtrends Innovations



The Future of Technology – David Rowan (Editor, WIRED magazine)

  • Difficult to frame the future trends

  • Wearable digital products could be the next 'big thing' following on from tablets


Other exciting products/technologies:

  • Telepathy – a Google Glass competitor?

  • Narrative (previously memoto) – wearable lifelogging camera funded by Kickstarter

  • IndoorAtlas – accurate indoor position technology based on magnetic anomalies inside buildings and smartphones

  • Viewsy  - location analytics startup to measure and manage customer behaviour in physical spaces

  • Shutl  - personal courier service for ecommerce, recently acquired by ebay

  • Quirky – crowdsourcing company bringing new products to the marketplace through global communities

  • Aereo – disruptive technology that allows subscribers to view live, as well as time-shifted streams, of over-the-air television on Internet-connected devices



Stayed tuned to this blog for an in-depth look at two further topics I attended at Webtrends Engage during the breakout sessions: 'Measurement Strategies and KPIs' and 'Creating a Culture of Analytics'



Matraxis is the leading independent UK company specialising in digital marketing analytics and associated consultancy services. Matraxis have a broad range of expertise in delivering web analytics as the foundation for acquiring visitors, maximising the number of conversions, and securing visitor retention.

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Category: Web Analytics

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