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What’s on the Twitter Vine and how can businesses use it to create a social media advantage?

February 20, 2013 at 12:18 PM


by Mikul Patel

Digital Marketing Consultant at Matraxis

Vine, the new mobile app that allows users to capture and share short 6 second looped clips as tweets, has increased in popularity since its release a few weeks ago. Not to say it has gone all plain sailing after some early problems in relation to shared Vine adult content.

Whilst at first glance it looks like Twitter have rehashed the traditional GIF by offering the ability to add sound, there is an opportunity here for organisations to communicate to their twitter followers through short clips.


vine twitter logo



Can’t you just relay the same marketing message through YouTube?

Whilst this is a valid point, it all depends on the audience you are trying to communicate with and how they like to absorb information. People might not have the time to watch a 2 minute YouTube video that you have linked to in a tweet.


You might find it easier to convey your message as a ‘Vine’. For fashion retailers, this might be a snapshot of the latest fashion trends. Entertainers could show exclusive behind the scenes previews of their latest activities. The beauty of creating Vines is that you can do it straight from your smartphone in seconds...no need for video editing skills!



Let your audience create the Vine content for you

The most successful brands in social media are often the ones that communicate with their audience and actively encourage them to create content around your brand. Handled correctly, this can help strengthen a brands social reach.


ASOS are a prime example of brand that puts social media in the forefront of their marketing activities. Rather than just using the Vine app themselves, ASOS encouraged their followers to post Vine clips of themselves opening orders using the #ASOSUnbox hashtag.


What makes a good Vine message?

Leave your audience wanting more – use it as a medium to show short preview clips


Be creative – your clip doesn’t have to be recorded in one go. Use stock animation techniques like Malibu Rum used to communicate their ‘When good things come together’ slogan.


Call to action – use Vine’s to generate discussion or create a campaign like how the Cavendish Hotel did with its #ValentineVine competition.



Are you measuring your social media activities both internally and externally? Get in contact with Matraxis today to discuss how Social Media Monitoring can help your increase your social engagement and presence.

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Category: Social Media News

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