Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Animal Friends use analytics to deliver value Pet Insurance while helping animals in need

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Changing to Webtrends has helped us to understand more about our business and how our customers make decisions. The reports it generates help us to see and understand the flow through the quote system and conversion rates - Marketing Manager, Animal Friends


Business overview

Animal Friends Insurance is rated in the top 10 for pet insurance companies in the UK (Data Monitor 2011 UK Pet Insurance report). The majority its insurance business is generated online and promoted through creative, multi-channel marketing campaigns.




  • Google Analytics was not providing the in-depth level of analytical data needed

  • Required a tool to easily monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns including social media

  • Needed a solution that is easy to implement and interactive with




Matraxis consultants were able to identify and pinpoint the reports that Animal Friends required with the launch of their revamped website with the aid of Webtrends Analytics.


  • Able to predict shift patterns by comparing Webtrends reports against daily sales reports

  • Detailed custom PPC campaign analysis and tracking with Webtrends

  • Advanced reporting used to understand the flow process of visitors interacting with the website



Download the full case study - Animal Friends Pet Insurance Case Study



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