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Web analytics can be a complex topic for organisations to manage, especially if in-house expertise is not available. At Matraxis, we aim to simplify web analytics for our clients by providing a simple approach to getting you started in understanding your web visitors and how they interact with your digital assets (website, mobile, social etc).

Our approach can be broken down into the following 4 stages from which we offer a variety of specialised services, delivered by our certified consultants

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Web analytics is a continuous process, optimisation is required to increase your online capabilities and reduce wasteful resources and online tasks. Optimisation requires sophisticated understanding on your target audiences and requires constant testing and refinement. 
Create an understanding on how to correctly report on analytical data. KPI’s are the foundations for focused reporting and piecing together meaningful information.
An analysis of data from within or outside your organisation. Matraxis can help leverage this knowledge and tie it together with your web analytics to deliver useful insights.
Focusing on the technical issues surrounding the use of web analytics. Can be conducted if you already have web analytics in place because you may want to assess if it is being used properly.
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technical services

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