Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Business Applications Across the Enterprise 


Jedox empowers you to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently. Learn how Jedox unifies Digital Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Corporate Performance Management to deliver a single point view of the business.




Excel interface delivers interactive analytics

Jedox core interface is delivered directly through Excel extending a familiar, flexible and powerful tool to corporate business intelligence delivery.  At a stroke your business can deploy powerful business applications to share across the organisation using standard rules,data and delivery options. 



Jedox_screen_Macbook.png Dashboard delivery of Key Performance Indicators 

The versatility of Jedox application provides the ability to roll out corporate dashboard for interactive and secured access to a range of platforms and front end choices.  This means low maintenance for multi level delivery of corporate reporting.




Enterprise wide availability

Deploy your busienss application for access at any level on desktop, laptop, tablet devices.  This means that everyone can view results and key information in thier prefered style, when and where they want. 



Why Jedox?

Put simply Jedox provides a versatile and low cost business intelligence platform that can handle a vast range of applications. Jedox moves beyond the spreadsheet to give a full packaged solution with all the technology components you need to deliver high level executive dashboards, interactive business analytics applications and self serve business intelligence for the power user.  

  • Visualise the data that drives your business
  • Beautiful, insightful and dynamic dashboards charting your KPIs
  • Self-service insight for everyone. Capture, share and collaborate anywhere and everywhere
  • Live through Excel, Word and PowerPoint, automated PDFs, web and mobile

Key application areas include:

  • Ecommerce / Marketing: Profitability analysis; Merchandise Planning, 

  • Digital Marketing: Web analytics integration, Social analytics

  • Sales: Performance analysis, Results Dashboard Reporting,  Pipeline Analysis

  • Finance: Scorecard, Planning, Consolidations, Budget & Forecast

  • Procurement: Inventory Analysis,  Supply Chain Management, Stock Planning



Matraxis in Partnership with JedoxJedox_small.png

Matraxis are proud to partner with Jedox in the UK.  We have been delivering business intelligence and analytics solutions to large organisations and enterprises since 2002.  We are here to provide product advice, sales and support, together with development and training services to get you started quickly and ensure a successful implementation.  


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