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Platforms such as YouTube are amongst the most visited sites on the internet. However, it can be difficult for businesses to understand how people are interacting with content without the aid of online video analytics.


Matraxis Video Analytics goes beyond simple view count statistics and provides real time analytics on how visitors are interacting with video content. Open source video platforms, such as JW Player, have made it easier to host videos on your own website and in a format to match your website styling.


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Watch Matraxis Video Analytics in action



What statistics can be gathered? 

User interface events tracked include:

  • Player ready

  • Play button clicked

  • Pause button clicked

  • Fullsize button clicked (when the player changes to full size)

  • Seek clicked (i.e. the play position is changed by clicking in the progress bar)

  • Completion

Time driven events tracked include:

  • Play progresses past a timed interval

  • Play progresses past a percentage point

NB: data sent your analytics platform can be further manipulated for even more statistics!


Connect to Matraxis Video Analytics

Whether you currently have video content or not, Matraxis Video Analytics is designed to easily connect with open video platforms. Matraxis can help discuss the best options for your organisation if you are interested in gathering advanced playback statistics.



Custom video reporting and dashboards

Matraxis Video Analytics currently supports Google Analytics and Webtrends Analytics reporting out-of-the-box. However, if you wish to report to another analytics product, please contact Matraxis to discuss possible options for support.


Matraxis Webtrends consultancy is available if you require assistance with manipulating the data that is sent a Webtrends account from Matraxis Video Analytics. Reports can also be tailored in a format that is suitable for your Webtrends users.



Product versions

Matraxis Video Analytics is available for purchase under a commercial or developer license (for organisations looking to add their own custom functionality within a testing environment)


Watch Matraxis Video Analytics in action


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