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See for yourself the type of values that can be sent with the aid of Matraxis Video Analytics. Reporting for Webtrends Analytics and Google Analytics is available out-of-the-box. Other analytics platforms can be supported upon discussion.


NB: This player below is configured to send an event for every 20th percentile reached. In addition, a time interval has been configured to send an event for every 40 second interval reached.

Demo instructions:

Interact with player to see, in real time, the values that are being collected and sent to either Webtrends and Google Analytics.


  • Press the Play button

  • Press the Pause button

  • Press the Fullscreen button

  • Seek through the player

  • See values sent for configured intervals

Loading the player ...



What data can be sent to Webtrends Analytics?

What data can be sent to Google Analytics?

Configured Parameters:
Video title: 
Sent Playback Parameters:
Player event:
Current time:
Current percentage:
Media length: 
Percentile value:


NB: With Webtrends, you can pass as many additional parameters as you wish for further data granularity - Talk to Matraxis on how to do this!

Player Id:
Player Event:


NB: With Google Analytics you are only limited to a few custom variables. This limits the level of detail but key stats are still measured.

Data is automatically presented within the Google Analytics' Event Tracking report.


How can Matraxis help you benefit from video analytics?

If you have Webtrends Analytics in place, Matraxis consultancy can build advanced custom reports based on the values sent to Webtrends from Matraxis Video Analytics e.g. number of viewed seconds and percentage completion rate.


If you do not currently have Webtrends Analytics, get in touch with Matraxis today to discuss alternative options for your organisation to still benefit from Matraxis Video Analytics!



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