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Social media is a brilliant and effective way to;

- gain more traffic to your site

- publish up to date information

- generate new leads for your business.

... so how do I manage my social media?

First you need the right tool to handle all your social media in one place so you can get to grips with social media and at the same time it has to be easy to use, and should not cost the earth.

This is why Matraxis have released one of the best social media management tools for you to use for free - full usage and not a limited offer, it’s just free!

... and what does the Matraxis Social Media Manager actually do?

  • It finds relevant content including videos, news, trending content all of which can be posted with the click of a button.
  • It creates incredible image posts - and you don’t need any photo editing experience.
  • It saves time by managing all your social media in one place - so you can schedule posts across multiple platforms.
  • It measures all campaign performance so you know exactly what’s going on, what’s working and what’s not - so you can increase traffic and generate new leads.

So, whether you are new to social media marketing, or established with a range of assets across  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, keeping on top of your activities and measuring performance can become a difficult and challenging task.

It's easy - take a look and give it a try!


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The Full Social Media Suite

With the Matraxis Social Media Suite, we have made it easy for you to publish regularly, monitor your social campaigns, review content, edit and schedule items and even track relevant news items that you can post out to your followers.

We make it simple for your business or brand to benefit from the huge popularity of social media – a critical part of your digital strategy


How to Deliver Social Media Success

We recognise that not all businesses are at the same stage when it comes to social media monitoring. The Matraxis Social Media Suite is designed to be a flexible solution allowing you to combine the components that are relevant to you.

As your social media presence grows you can tune your suite to expand and focus your campaigns and coverage. The Matraxis Social Media Suite is delivered in the following product components to meet your needs:


Campaign Monitor

Schedule and monitor the success of you current social media campaigns across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Save time and view your social statistics within a single application that is meaningful to you.


matraxis social media suite demo 


Plan and execute your regular tweets and posts for maximum impact; the Broadcaster team prepare and schedule your Tweets and Facebook Posts regularly on a daily basis so you no longer need to worry about ensuring coverage.  Reduce your workload and still maintain high level messaging across Twitter and Facebook, and you can monitor, edit and tune all activity through Campaign Monitor and still add those special Tweets and Posts yourself.

Ask our Experts

  • Does your current social media strategy feel a bit flat?

  • Are you unsure how to get started to get the most from social media? 

  • Have you tired social but got nowhere?

  • Have you considered the expertise of a social media expert to put you on the right track to social media success? Have a plan that is specifically tailored to your brand. 

The benefits of Matraxis Social Media Suite

  • Cost effective packages to meet your social media requirements
  • Reduce manual task with automated processes
  • Flexible support from social media consultants
  • Grow your social media presence



The Matraxis Social Media Suite approach

We are passionate about seeing our clients reap the benefits of high level social media marketing. By working closely with you, we can identify the right fit. The following process is typically followed:


Business requirements: understanding your social media requirements and areas you would like to focus on

Package identification: once we know your goals, we can recommend the best packages from the Social Media Suite for you to use

On-going service support: whether it's product support or social media guidance, we are always at the end of the line as your social media activities change over time



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