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Facebook is the biggest global social media networking site with over 500 million registered users. Its openness has created a revolution in the way people communicate with each other. In addition, 250 million users have access to Facebook via a mobile device.


Organisations have taken advantage of Facebook as a way of advertising their brands, or even direct selling to their customers. Being an online platform, it can often be hard to see what return is being made from an organisation's Facebook presence; this is not the case when it comes to using Webtrends Analytics 10.



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Facebook API Leverage

Using the Facebook API, Webtrends Analytics 10 can collect statistical data from Facebook pages and apps. Leveraging the Webtrends tag, further data can be gathered from social conversations. Supported with easy to read infographics, here are just some of the items that can be tracked and reported:


  • Fan demographics
  • Comments
  • Likes (and those sources)
  • Photos
  • Shares
  • New fans


Webtrends Advantage

Webtrends Facebook Analytics offers the most comprehensive tracking and detailed metrics within opt-in custom Facebook applications, as well as site components that have been impossible to meaningfully measure before. Specific capabilities include:


  • Custom tabs - capture detailed transactions without JavaScript or iFrames

  • Flashbook - understand how visitors engage with multimedia experiences created with Flashbook, a security-limited version of Adobe Flash required within custom tabs

  • Custom apps - capture a broad range of app-related interactions

  • Ads - determine how many visitors click through to your custom apps and complete other conversion-related activities

  • Links - compare click-through rates within apps, tabs, ads and more

  • E-mail signups - track visitors who complete signups from custom apps


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