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Whilst many organisations have already developed mobile apps for their customers, some free and some paid for, there has never been an easy way of understanding how people engage with apps once downloaded.


Webtrends Mobile Analytics breaks this barrier and gives a deep insight into how customers interact with mobile applications. This understanding can lead to faster development of apps and discovery of new opportunities ahead of competitors.


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Detailed mobile analytical data

The level of metric data retrieved is only limited to the imagination of app developers and what features organisations choose to include in their applications. A few of the common metrics that Webtrends Mobile Analytics can measure include:


  • Geographical location
  • Application session duration
  • Mobile operating system information
  • New and returning users
  • In-app ad response, searches and purchases
  • Trended usage and engagement summary
  • Network carrier and connection type
  • Error pages



Instant measurable metrics

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Webtrends Mobile Analytics gives instant app usage data and engagement metrics. Support is available on all major mobile devices including Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Data caching is used to ensure accurate measurement when network connections are disrupted during live application use.



Secure data privacy

Data is owned by the Webtrends Mobile Analytics account holder and not used by Webtrends for any other marketing purpose. In accordance with data protection laws, customers using organisation apps will have the option to opt-out out data gathered about their app usage.




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