Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Marketers do not want to be overwhelmed with too much data; they want data that is meaningful and easy to work with. Webtrends Analytics 10 simplifies the data collection process, allowing organisations to understand trends, campaign performance and much more in a shorter space of time.


webtrends 10 visual explanation



Webtrends Analytics 10 interface

The new Webtrends Analytics 10 interface gives the illusion that you are viewing an infographic (a popular web 2.0 trend), but hidden under that is the ability to drill further down into greater detail. Understand how people are interacting with pages and marketing campaigns. Other exciting design features include:


  • Search term word clouds

  • Geo-visualization maps

  • Heatmaps in reports

  • Click to drill down further

  • Intelligent campaign discovery



Advanced analytics

Not just a standalone product, added value can be seen from Webtrends Analytics 10 when implemented alongside other commercial products/systems. Here are just some of the clever advanced capabilities that can be done:


  • Combine with email service providers (ESP's) for behavioural response measurement

  • Multiple Import/Export standards are supported for data extraction

  • Fast CSV export to instant analysis in business intelligence tools

  • Integration with data into Excel spreadsheet or other analytical dashboards/applications

  • Open Database connectivity

  • Facebook analytics and mobile app measurement



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