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Webtrends Analytics 8 is a legacy On Premises version of Webtrends Analytics that is currently being phased out of official Webtrends support. However, as a leading Webtrends Premier Partner and Master Distributor, Matraxis can continue to offer Webtrends 8 support for organisations who wish to continue using Webtrends 8.


Supported versions of Webtrends Analytics 8 cover:

webtrends 8 packages

  • Webtrends Analytics 8

  • Webtrends Analytics 8.1

  • Webtrends Analytics 8.5

  • Webtrends Analytics 8.7



Webtrends 8 Key Features

  • Visual paths - information-rich visual diagrams eliminate the need to labour through tables with long path strings to make sense of the information

  • Visual scenarios - clear insight into the entry pages that lead to specific scenario pages and, more importantly, the paths visitors take after they abandon a scenario step.

  • Smart reports - completely and automatically integrate critical Webtrends information into your daily Excel workflow

  • Campaign drilldown - explore your full campaign hierarchy to evaluate performance and allocate resources appropriately

  • Performance dashboard - ability to set goals to help you benchmark performance for the key performance indicators on the website



Webtrends 8 support

Organisations still using older versions of Webtrends 8 can still benefit from Webtrends consultancy and maintenance support from Matraxis. Accredited consultants from Matraxis have experience with implementing and maintaining software versions of Webtrends.



Upgrade from Webtrends 8

To benefit from the latest features developed by Webtrends, organisations are encouraged to upgrade their legacy Webtrends installations to current versions of Webtrends. The following options are available:




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