Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Most web analytics solutions can only provide a partial view of a customer’s campaign hierarchy, typically displaying two levels of campaign detail. This approach provides an incomplete picture, often leaving out vital campaign information necessary for fully informed decision-making.


With Webtrends 8 and Drilldown Campaign Analysis, an organisation can easily obtain a complete view into campaign hierarchy so marketing executives can quickly see how each campaign, marketing activity and offer is performing with amazing granularity.


webtrends 8 campaign drilldown screenshot


Easily explore your full campaign hierarchy to evaluate performance and allocate resources appropriately



What you can do with the Campaign Drilldown:

  • Obtain a full understanding of your campaign hierarchy in one view for complete and thoughtful decision-making

  • Interactively compare campaign performance at multiple levels to identify top performers for future decisions on budget and resource allocation

  • Encourage customers to engage in repeat business by targeting them with the most effective campaigns

  • Combine campaign response information with campaign cost data with new SmartReports for Excel



Webtrends 8 support

Organisations still using older versions of Webtrends 8 can still benefit from Webtrends consultancy and maintenance support from Matraxis. Accredited consultants from Matraxis have experience with implementing and maintaining software versions of Webtrends.


Matraxis can assist with helping your organisation get the most out of Webtrends Campaign Drilldown analysis.



Upgrade from Webtrends 8

New versions of Webtrends Analytics still contain campaign drilldown analysis so you might want to consider upgrading to the latest version of Webtrends Analytics.


To benefit from the latest features developed by Webtrends, organisations are encouraged to upgrade their legacy Webtrends installations to current versions of Webtrends. The following options are available:




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