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The Campaign and Products Performance Dashboards provide another level of detail. Now merchandising and campaign managers can view how every level of their campaign or product hierarchy performs across their acquisition and sales KPIs. Campaign managers can easily see if customers are responding to specific offers better than others and merchandisers can quickly identify products that have strong sales potential—those that show strong interest but are converting poorly.


webtrends 8 performance dashboard


For example, a campaign manager can easily see how their cart conversion rate KPI is tracking towards his/her goal for their search campaigns.



Key metrics performance dashboard

The Key Metrics Performance Dashboard features the ability to set goals to help you benchmark performance for the key performance indicators on the website. You can benchmark your acquisition campaigns, see if conversion is trending up or down and evaluate the effectiveness of your sales programs. In addition, you can set up a predictive ‘what if’ scenario to help determine the impact a given KPI has on a marketing initiative.


webtrends 8 key metrics dashboard


For example, if a marketing executive identifies that the revenue performance target will not be met, they can quickly pose a ‘what if’ scenario to identify the effect downstream metrics such as average order size, visit traffic or conversion rate have on your revenue performance targets to determine what marketing strategies should be used to meet their goals.



Webtrends 8 support

Organisations still using older versions of Webtrends 8 can still benefit from Webtrends consultancy and maintenance support from Matraxis. Accredited consultants from Matraxis have experience with implementing and maintaining software versions of Webtrends.


Matraxis can assist with helping your organisation get the most out of Webtrends Performance Dashboard analysis.



Upgrade from Webtrends 8

New versions of Webtrends Analytics still contain performance dashboard analysis so you might want to consider upgrading to the latest version of Webtrends Analytics.


To benefit from the latest features developed by Webtrends, organisations are encouraged to upgrade their legacy Webtrends installations to current versions of Webtrends. The following options are available:




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