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Webtrends Visual Paths eliminates the dependence on tables and charts, making the most complex reports easier to interpret with revealing visual diagrams. Because there are so many ways to navigate a web site, true behaviours can be difficult to understand and many patterns can be hidden.


webtrends 8 visual path analysis


Transform traditionally complex path and scenario reports into easy-to-interpret analysis


Webtrends new Visual Paths, information-rich visual diagrams eliminate the need to labour through tables with long path strings to make sense of the information.


  • Interpret the paths people use to reach destination pages visually

  • Compare how you think visitors behave with the facts immediately, at a glance

  • Eliminate typical data overload with rich, graphical displays


Webtrends 8 support

Organisations still using older versions of Webtrends 8 can still benefit from Webtrends consultancy and maintenance support from Matraxis. Accredited consultants from Matraxis have experience with implementing and maintaining software versions of Webtrends.


Matraxis can assist with helping your organisation get the most out of Webtrends Visual Path analysis.


Upgrade from Webtrends 8

New versions of Webtrends Analytics still contain visual path analysis so you might want to consider upgrading to the latest version of Webtrends Analytics.


To benefit from the latest features developed by Webtrends, organisations are encouraged to upgrade their legacy Webtrends installations to current versions of Webtrends. The following options are available:




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