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Webtrends SmartView makes it easy to evaluate page real estate so you can optimise link prominence and content effectiveness and improve page conversion. Analyse page real estate, overlaying web metrics and navigation analysis as you browse your site.



webtrends 9 smartview analytics



With SmartView, you can evaluate the popularity of each individual page link with click-through, path and scenario metrics superimposed on the page you’re viewing. This helps you understand a visitor’s interaction with a page so you can optimise page conversion and drive more traffic deeper into the site.

What you can do with the Webtrends SmartView:

  • Identify which promotions, links and content on your homepage and other pages get the greatest response

  • Evaluate page performance, analysing conversion, path and traffic information

  • Quickly identify real estate “hot spots” to help you prioritise critical product offers and content so you can drive people further into the site

  • View the most popular links that led to a particular page to get a sense for whether or not visitors are navigating the site the way you intended



Webtrends 9 support

Organisations still using the software version of Webtrends 9 can still benefit from Webtrends training and maintenance support from Matraxis. Accredited consultants from Matraxis have experience with implementing and maintaining software versions of Webtrends.



Upgrade from Webtrends 9

To benefit from the latest features developed by Webtrends, organisations are encouraged to upgrade their legacy Webtrends installations to current versions of Webtrends. The following options are available:




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