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Are you analysing log data that you don't need?

The accuracy of web analytics data is important for any organisation that relies on that data to influence business decisions. If that source is log file based, there is a likelihood that results can be distorted when reported within a web analytics application.


LogChopper is an application designed by Matraxis to pre-process your base log files and remove (or retain) the following unwanted data:


  • User defined IP addresses

  • URLs containing a user defined string

  • Defined spiders/robots 



Why use log file pre-processing?

  • Are your Web Analytics skewed because you have a page which is used as a default home page by internal staff?

  • Do you want to exclude all internal traffic from your analyses and concentrate on external visitors only?

  • Do you want to exclude internal indexing traffic from your analyses?

  • Do you use the Webtrends SmartSource Data Collector but still want to collect statistics on spiders and robots?



LogChopper with Webtrends

webtrends logchopper

LogChopper can be used with any web analytics package that can accept log files as a data source. Matraxis recommend Webtrends analytics as the most suitable application.


Although you are able to do any or all of the function of LogChopper using Webtrends alone there may be penalties. You can filter out internal traffic – you can filter out specific pages – you need not include these counts in your reports. But these pages will still have been analysed and therefore still count towards your maximum licensed page view count.



Installation and support

LogChopper is easy to install and manage and provides an effective complement to your web analytics process to reduce costs and improve your processing time. Matraxis can assist with installation and maintenance support to ensure you get the most from this application.


In addition, when LogChopper is used with a Webtrends On Premises install, Matraxis' Webtrends consultancy support package is available to help you link your log file data correctly against your Webtrends reports.



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