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Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint Data Sheet 

Webtrends Analytics delivers a variety of in-depth SharePoint usage reports. Track usage for SharePoint Intranets, Internet and Extranet sites and understand the return on your SharePoint investment.


Matraxis are proud to be the UK Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint solution provider, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.




SharePoint 2010 and Webtrends 10 integration

webtrends sharepoint analytics partnership

  • 100+ reports available as standard out-of-the-box with no additional configuration

  • Set up and installation of Webtrends Analytics is done within SharePoint 2010 administration

  • Cross-channel analysis to measure the digital performance of SharePoint 2010 initiatives side-by-side with mobile, social, site and other campaign efforts

  • Automated collection and analysis of data



Data reporting within Webtrends

Between SharePoint 2010 and Webtrends Analytics 10, you will be able to see reports on content areas, breadcrumb drilldowns, document activity, WebPart views, user statistics and onsite search behaviour along with standard Webtrends reports.


Matraxis Webtrends consultancy is available to create customised Webtrends reports where an organisation wants to report on unique events that are not available as standard. Webtrends' flexible API allows for this.


webtrends analytics sharepoint screenshot


Reports for SharePoint Intranet


Reports for SharePoint Internet


Security of SharePoint data

Webtrends On Demand is a safe, legitimate, cost-effective solution for SharePoint intranets, even those hosted on premises behind a firewall. Data collected from SharePoint is collected and delivered securely through Webtrends standard method of sending a GET or POST request to Webtrends servers.


  • Vulnerabilities are controlled

  • Data collection is secure and configurable

  • Data ownership is clear

  • International sage harbor certified solution; complying to US-EU data protection laws



SharePoint 2007 and 2003 integration with Webtrends

Analysis of SharePoint 2010 and Webtrends 10 involves very little configuration to get started, integration between older versions of SharePoint and Webtrends is possible through custom tagging. Matraxis Webtrends consultancy is available for implementing custom integrations for organisations looking to report on SharePoint usage. 



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