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WhosOn is the leading live chat solution and software for tracking, chatting and engaging with your website visitors. WhosOn is the flagship product from Parker Software, developer of innovative software aimed at companies that do business online. Matraxis is proud to be one of Parker Software's key partners for WhosOn in the UK.



WhosOn live chat application

WhosOn can be used by any business that has a website. WhosOn is an all-in-one software solution for:

  • Live website statistics

  • Live visitor chat

  • Proactive visitor engaging

  • Prospect detection

  • 3rd-party application integration


whoson live chat analytics combined screenshots



Live web statistics

WhosOn allows you to observe, in real time, website visitor browsing activity. With real time analytics, identify where your site visitors are arriving from in real time and see how they navigate around your site. Most importantly, you can see if the visitor has been to your site before and if so, details from each previous visit.

All information is updated in real time and stored to a secure database. This can be exported effortlessly to your current Salesforce or Microsoft CRM system.



Live support chat

Adding a new dimension to customer service support, WhosOn's live chat feature allows site visitors to chat with your organisation in real time. Offer the same level of service that you would expect from traditional high street stores online.

Operators will have instant details of the visitor's browsing experience on your site along with their previous visits on hand. Chat transcripts can be saved for future reference and analysis. WhosOn live chat also reduces the process of sending emails back and forth to deliver additional content to visitors; 'push' content such as PDF documents through the chat window in real time.



Prospect and customer detection

WhosOn can track potential customers and target them with specific key pages, again based on a set of defined rules. Understand why these customers are continuously returning to your site and engage in live chat sessions.

Prospect detection can work alongside your current advertising campaigns and help you track your return on investment more accurately; compared to traditional site hit counts. Transform this information into meaningful reports allowing you to spot top keywords and referrers etc.



WhosOn client software

The WhosOn client is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. Choose from either a desktop client (Windows) or in-browser interface. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers are supported.

An innovative WhosOn iPhone application is also available to you can always monitor you site on the go. Other mobile phone operating systems are soon to be supported.



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