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Targeting can be a complicated process for organisations wishing to test their content to their target audiences. A/B and multivariate testing can be used in this situation as a continuous process for optimising content.


Matraxis can offer assistance in creating and running a successful A/B and multivariate testing; perfect for when your organisation is short on expertise for developing advanced targeted test plans.



What can A/B & Multivariate testing be used for?

A/B and multivariate testing can be used in many situations, common applications include:


  • Testing different variations of content for your email marketing campaigns

  • Optimising your website landing pages and measuring conversion rates

  • Streamlining your websites shopping cart or conversion process


ab multivariate testing landing page example



The benefits of A/B & Multivariate testing

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your content

  • Boost your web analytics results

  • Streamline content between designers, developers and marketers

  • Run simultaneously with other initiatives such as search engine optimisation



The Matraxis A/B & Multivariate testing approach

Testing and optimising is a on-going process, Matraxis can help start the foundations for your organisation by using the following step approach:


  • Performance analysis: identify areas of poor performance and where an opportunity for improvement lies

  • User testing: test and review the reasons behind poor performance with analysis

  • The discussion: bringing together teams from various departments, a discussion on what the testing strategy will cover is carried out

  • Test plan: definition of objectives, criteria, timing and agreement before plan is put into place

  • Implementation: where the magic happens!; test page coding and application is conducted

  • Post-test analysis and communication: On-going test monitoring and analysis; with post-test analysis and review for full-scale future strategies



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