Making Better Business Decisions Through Business Analytics

Analytics covers a wide range of reporting with individuals and departments having different reporting needs, such as;

webtrends analytics 9 data source

- site acquisition,

- content analysis,

- campaign reporting

- visitor journey

Matraxis understand this and have developed an workshop approach to knowledge transfer designed to distinguish the different needs from business and technical team


The Matraxis Analytics Workshop

Analytics workshop are conducted as part of a planned programme to match the overall analytics developments.  You could be a new team talking foirst steps into analytics or a new team member getting up to speed either way out flexible approach provides a comfortable route to gaining knowledge.

We break our workshops down onto packages whih can be help onsite oir online, online provides a convenient way of covering specific topics in bursts of 1-2 hours. 

  • Site review: a fast bpath review of your site to position analytics needs for the workshop.  We wil focus on a specific area or new requirement for the workshop.

  • Analytical tool audit: in the context of requirements wew will review hte avsilable tool configuration to ensure that we have the appropriate modules in place to deliver results.

  • Workshop Session: the workshop can be conducted on site or off site and can cover a wide range of topics or deep dive into specific areas. Importantly the workshop session combined knowledge trasnsfer in a real development programme, so you learn from our experts while delivering a real solution.


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