Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Organisations appreciate the need for using analytical packages to measure and monitor how visitors are navigating around their website. However, if investigated further, it may be discovered that the correct metrics are not being collected. This could be down to poor installation or an insufficient level of product knowledge from the end users.


The Matraxis Analytics Audit is designed to identify possible problem areas on your current web analytics setup. Matraxis have consultancy expertise in Webtrends Analytics and Google Analytics; enabling organisations unlock the most from their analytics package.



What are the benefits of a Matraxis Analytics Audit?

Coupled with Matraxis’ knowledge and background in the web analytics environment, an analytics audit will:


website analytics

  • Unlock those additional features that you have not been using already

  • Reduction in wasteful tasks and reports

  • Reassessment of your analytical requirements and objectives

  • Confidence in the analytical data that you are collecting


An analytics audit can be used to compliment a Matraxis Analysis Training session; helping business users understand their analytical data.



The Matraxis Analytics Audit approach

Audits are typically conducted on a one-off basis but can vary in length depending on the level of detail required and analytical products being audited:


  • Site review: identifying key site features along with essential reporting dimensions that need to be measured

  • Technical audit: reviewing the technical side of pages to check the accuracy of implementation and tagging

  • Analytical package audit: an analysis of the analytical tools’ currently used and to establish the level of engagement with product features

  • Log of solutions: a document outlining the areas that need addressing along with a description of the business impact and suggestions

  • Technical support: discussion of technical changes that need implementing between our team and your technical developers

  • QA: assessing the level of accuracy from the newly collected data and reports



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