Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

We are in the age of big data; great for information analysts, but what about the executive managers who want to quickly glance at the performance of their department, website or online marketing campaigns?


Matraxis Customised Analytics Dashboards are designed to merge an organisations web analytics data into a single view dashboard; making it easy for management to understand and make informed business decisions.


Analytics dashboards and KPI’s for success


Executive managers don’t have the time to drill through information made available in standard web analytics and marketing reports. These often contain too much or too little information spread across multiple reports.


A customised analytics dashboard can be valuable if you:

  • Find it hard to locate the information that is only relevant to you/your department
  • Spend too much time manipulating analytics reports to display the data you want to see
  • Want to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI) against your business goals
  • Have multiple sources of web data that you would like to view within single view dashboard



What data can be used in a custom analytics dashboard?

A standard Matraxis Analytics Dashboard supports data from a variety of data sources including enterprise web analytics packages such as WebtrendsAnalytics,Google Analytics using open data extraction methods, as well as automated file extracts. Bring together information from:


  • Website performance 
  • ERP across the enterprise
  • Sales in Ecommerce
  • Project management 
  • Mobile performance data
  • Social media analytics
  • Email systems


If you use a 3rd party service that has an open API, we can plug that data into a custom dashboard! Matraxis consultants can assist with building custom dashboards tailored specifically for individual departments and personnel



Analytics support and consultancy

Over time, web goals evolve as organisations’ online activities grow. Furthermore, web analytics products change over time with added and redundant features. An Analyticsaudit can verify that the correct web analytics data is being collected.


Analysistraining can help individuals understand what they should be looking for when it comes to viewing web analytics reports.



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