Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Google Adwords is the largest targeting advertising network in the world; enabling organisations to target specific users depending on the searches they conduct. A proven method for bringing in more visitors to a website, Google Adwords is a low risk, low cost advertising medium.


The Matraxis Google Adwords Management service is designed to organise, or set-up, your PPC campaigns to drive quality leads/customers to your website. Google Adwords is a continuously evolving product so don't be left behind in the market!


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Why use Matraxis' Google Adwords Management service?

Matraxis adopt an open-approach to delivering expert consultancy services. We work closely with our clients to deliver real value and successful campaigns. We can cover all areas from campaign creation to advanced reporting.


  • cost effective

  • experts in analytics

  • time saving

  • structured management and testing

  • keyword research

  • ad creation and optimisation

  • budget management

  • ad & conversation tracking

Measuring the ROI on PPC campaigns

When also leveraged against our Google Analytics consultancy service, Matraxis can understand the real ROI on online marketing spend. With this information, we can optimise campaigns to ensure you are only spending what is necessary whilst at the same time driving additional site traffic.



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