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Organisations looking for a low cost and efficient approach to the implementation of a Webtrends software solution should look towards Matraxis’ hosted SDC for Webtrends. Matraxis can manage and host your Webtrends SmartSource Data Collection where resource constraints or limited implementation timescales are an issue for your organisation.



What is Webtrends SmartSource Data Collection (SDC)?

hosted sdc matraxis webtrends

Webtrends SmartSource Data Collection can be used to gain greater accuracy, simplify maintenance and add flexibility to the collection and manipulation of website statistics. Webtrends supports multiple cookie configuration options including first party that is served by your own domain.


This largely eliminates security concerns and reduces the number of cookies that are automatically blocked by medium to high privacy settings set in web browsers.



Advantages of using Matraxis Hosted SDC

With this service you get the same level of expertise as you would expect from our Webtrends consultancy service. Key advantages include:

  • Fast implementation of Webtrends tagging solution

  • Managed cost under solution agreement

  • On-going support from Matraxis accredited staff

  • Load balanced available

  • Peace of mind from backup service



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