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Organisations looking for website opportunities, which present profitable returns within a short period of time, should look towards a Matraxis Quick-wins Analysis. Whilst a quick-wins analysis is designed for short term gain, organisations should expect to see useful returns for the future.



Why should I conduct a quick-wins analysis?

The low level of difficulty involved in identifying opportunities and conducting short term projects keeps the level of risk relatively low. Matraxis aim for fast implementation with measurable end results.


An example

webtrends website bottlenecks

Organisations looking to improve their search engine ranking may wish to conduct trial search engine optimisation (SEO) projects. Matraxis search engine optimisation is the ideal complementary service to support this.


Alternatively, when used in conjunction with a Matraxis analytics audit, Matraxis will already have a good idea on your organisation’s data-driven requirements due to our engagement with your analytical tools.




  • Determine the critical points for online activity that need attention

  • Recommendations that can be initiated immediately for tangible results

  • Profitable return in the long term if the change is maintained after positive feedback

  • Documentation of results to provide a template for future change proposals



The Matraxis Quick-wins analysis approach

The step process used by Matraxis is designed to cover the key areas to help your website gain the most from quick-wins analysis:


  • Discussion: an initial talk to recognise any areas of concern and general thoughts for sharing

  • Deep study: analysis of the data gathered with a strong thought in the long term, short term and quick win opportunities that can be made

  • Recommendations: a presentation of our suggestion with further documentation for reference in any future activities



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