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Whilst web analytics is good for identifying how people are navigating around your website, you need to first attract those website visitors. Search engine optimisation can be a very cost-effective solution for organisations requiring a quick return on a relatively low spend.


Matraxis combines years of industry expertise, together with a leading knowledge from analytical packages such as Webtrends, to bring an effective on-going solution to organisations seeking to improve visitor acquisition to a website. This service is ideal when used in conjunction with a Matraxis analytics audit.



What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps optimise organic and paid inclusion by improving the rankings of web pages within search engine results. This is achieved through initial site analysis which in turn identifies areas that require development attention.



The Matraxis Search Engine Optimisation approach

The step process used by Matraxis is designed to cover the key areas to help your website gain the most from SEO:


  • Business Requirements Analysis - identifies your business needs and relates to technical requirements and scopes the steps needed to achieve goals

  • Keyword Analysis - establishes the niche keywords and phrases that target your ideal audience and achieve top organic positions within search engines

  • Site Analysis - reports on your site covering areas such as current ranking, link popularity, search-engine-readiness, plus other criteria

  • Content Optimisation - creation of additional search-engine-friendly pages and optimisation of existing pages, based on the established keywords/key phrases specifically relevant to your industry sector and competitive environment

  • Site Submission - to major national and international search engines and directories, and reputable, related sites such as portals

  • Reporting and On-Going Support - this on-going service covers maintenance of ranking status through reoptimisation and resubmission to search engines


When used with Matraxis' Google Analytics consultancy service, you will be able to get a greater understanding of the important keywords that drive valuable traffic to your website.



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