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The task of social media engagement and monitoring can take up time and resources for organisations with no dedicated analysts. Matraxis can assist with consultancy services to help your organisation understand and engage upon social media activities surrounding your brands.


Matraxis social media consultants have experience in advising and implementing social media plans and monitoring solutions for organisations to engage with. Combine your data in a customised dashboard to measure the impact of social media activities on your website.



What assistance can Matraxis provide for Social Media?

Just some of the additional consultancy services that Matraxis provide include:

social media bandwagon

  • Planning your social media strategy

  • Evaluating your current social media setup

  • Implementing a social media monitoring and engagement tool

  • Multi-channel marketing strategy with the aid of social media




How does the consultancy package work?

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit around your organisations schedule. You may which to purchase a set amount of consultancy hours which can be spread over time. Alternatively, you may wish to hire a consultant over a set amount of days when urgent consultancy is required.



The Matraxis Social Media Analysis approach

Matraxis can come in to discuss the best approach for providing your organisation with the right tools to start engaging in social media monitoring. A typical approach would follow:


  • Aims and objectives: defining the goals and understanding what your organisation wants to achieve from monitoring social media activity

  • Audit: we can conduct an audit of your current social media setup and recommend best practises for increasing engagement from within your organisation

  • Solution delivery: deciding on the best software package to match your organisations needs

  • Support: guidance as you start engaging in monitoring activity



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