Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Matraxis Analytics Apps for ecommerce, finance, sales and marketing provide decision makers with the information they need to make better business decisions - to optimise performance and grow the profitability of multi-channel  businesses.

All your data is brought together into a single data store. It's cleansed and consitent - a single version of the truth. So decision making is more consistent and aligned across the organisation.



Dashboards and KPIs



Delivering actionable business information to users at every level of the organisation.

Strategic Dashboards for senior executives to monitor and manage strategy execution. Communicate your goals in business terms, and monitor and manage the achievement of those business focussed goals.

Performance Dashboards to support decision makers in their daily, weekly and monthly decision making processes. Align team goals with the high level business goals. 

Team Dashboards to align performance and measure success across the business functions. Executives, Marketers, Analysts and team members from across the organisation are able to ask questions of the data, perform analysis and investigate issues.


The dashboards incorporate business-focussed KPIs from the library of best practice, alongside your custom KPIs that focus on the specific and unique requirements of your business.












Intelligent Information Discovery

Large volumes of data are automatically and intelligently mined, to discover hidden opportunities to improve efficiency and grow profits.

And hidden insights about your products, your customers and your market are automatically delivered to your desktop.

Intelligent Information Descovery answers business questions for business users. It puts the results of advanced data mining and information discovery techniques in the hands of non-technical users.


Ad-hoc Investigation and Analysis

Empower users across all levels of the organisation to find the information they need to know – from Senior Executives through to Business Analysts and Data Scientists.

Easy-to-use interfaces allow users to navigate through huge volumes of data effectively and efficiently to find the answers to their questions and the root cause of problems.



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