Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Email marketing still remains an effective medium for organisations looking to market towards a targeted audience. Value comes from understanding how recipients engage with those emails with the aid of email marketing analytics.


Sophisticated enterprise products such as Yesmail email marketing can report email marketing interactivity at a high level; providing the basis for retargeting campaigns.


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Integrate with web analytics

One of the steps towards creating a cross-channel marketing strategy is to integrate data from different sources. Combining email marketing analytics with web analytics can allow you to:


  • view measures how email impacts campaign performance from click-through to conversion

  • automate customer targeting and remarketing efforts

  • construct email campaigns specifically tied to website activity



Advantages of email marketing analytics

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  • Track your ROI on your email marketing investment

  • View email engagement in real time

  • Cut out any manual reporting of data

  • Easily share reports within your department

  • Identify further segmentation opportunities



Analytics testing

With email marketing, careful consideration is required over the design and delivery of a campaign. One way to support this is through frequent testing of content. A/B and Multivariate testing is one of the most popular methods of testing designs and varied content.


A quick-wins analysis of your email marketing analytics could also show up further opportunities for business growth with a low start-up cost.



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