Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

Do you know how effective your online video content is? Would you like to know how long and how people are interacting with your videos? Or are you just interested in the advanced statistics that can be measured?


Organisations are now realising the importance of online video as an alternative marketing tool. However, creating video content can be a timely and costly task; a good reason for organisations to understand the ROI and how people are engaging with their video content. 



What type of statistics can I get?

Just some of the typical statistics that you can get from online video analytics include:

online video analytics measuring

  • Number of plays, pauses and stops

  • Total number of seconds viewed

  • Video completion rate

  • Click-through link ratio




Advantages of online video analytics

  • optimise your future video content

  • view video engagement statistics

  • graphical representation of data

  • integration with your analytics provider

Gain new insights and understanding

  • video performance on your site

  • viral reach through social media

  • cumulative impact across syndicated sites

  • ad-related conversions and campaign tracking

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How can Matraxis help you with video analytics?

Whether you currently have online video content your website or not, Matraxis experts are on hand to help discuss the best solutions for measuring and understanding how people are interacting with video content.




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