Making Better Business Decisions Through Business Analytics

Real time analytics is based on providing information in a timely and convenient manner. Organisations are now demanding statistical information to be available whilst campaigns are being run; as opposed to the next day or at the end of an campaign.


Using real time analytics can enable firms to take advantage of early trends that can be identified with the aid of advanced quick-wins analysis. Using such techniques can give organisations a competitive advantage over competitors.



What does real time analytics cover?

Real time analytics can be found across a variety of analytical applications such as:




Real time analytics in the new web

As the next stage of the internet analytics moves towards creating a digital portfolio, products such as Webtrends Analytics 10 are taking innovative steps to providing real time data visualisation to support traditional timely metrics. To take it one step further, the creation of a custom executive dashboard can assist higher management in keeping an eye on progress.



real time analytics dashboard view



Google Analytics have recently implemented a new update that integrates real time updates; tracking the immediate on website traffic. Matraxis Google Analytics consultancy can assist with helping you understand how to make successful use of this data.



Advantages of real time analytics

  • Instantly available reports

  • Early analysis of data

  • Make real time decisions

  • React to market changes ahead of competition



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