Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

With the millions of conversations that are occurring on the social web, organisations can feel overwhelmed with the volume of information. Social media monitoring plays an important role in monitoring these conversations efficiently and converting data into meaningful information for business users.


In addition to monitoring, engaging with those conversations can help organisations establish a social media relationship and marketing strategy.


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Internal Social Media Monitoring

Explore your own social media campiagns by measuring activity on your organisation's own Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn

External Social Media Monitoring

By measuring external, as well as internal, conversations, you can add perspective to hyour own internal activities.

Advantages of Social Media Monitoring

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  • Brand Management and Monitoring

  • Sales and Lead Generation

  • Social CRM

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Spotting Industry Trends


Social Media Strategy

Having and enacting a strong social media strategy can improve direct marketing though greater focus gained from social media inteligence. Matraxis' social media consultancy can assist by reviewing your existing socisl media activities and recomending improvements, or setting up a social media strategy for your organisation. 



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