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The Matraxis Proven Approach to Deliver Web Analytics

Our team of analytics consultants and partners have helped hundreds of companies deliver best fit analytics solutions.  The vital driver is how your site goals can be achieved.

We offer a full range of services from advice and guidance through to full implementation:

- Analytics strategy, how to approach analytics to meet requirements

- Site Architecture Audit

- Analytics healthcheck, of existing configurtion

- Product selection, best fit to suit requirements

- Site data collection and tagging options

- Business Analytics Integration

Web Analytics is the process of measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting data for purposes of understanding and optimising web usage. Organisations gain value from website analytics by applying data towards making cricital business decisions.

Digital analytics embraces all aspects of visitor digital interatcion and includes:


webtrends analytics 9 data source


Webtrends is a pioneer in delivering web analytics  As a UK Premier Partner and Master Distributor, Matraxis believe Webtrends to be a leading solution for enterprises of all sizes.

Matraxis’ service is a cost effective way for organisations to actively get the most out of their package with our expert consultants.


Evolution of Web Analytics

The internet has seen rapid growth over the last 20 years and analytics has evolved from a simple tool to aid technical performance to a full digital analytics suite covering every aspect of digital presence:


evolution of web analytics

  • 1 - Website reporting via log files to report basic statistics such as Hits and Page Views.

  • 2 - Site analytics and site tagging. Advanced reporting helped create a deeper understanding of the visitor journey and the new role of the "web analyst".

  • 3 – Digital business analytics combining data from a variety of sources away from just the website. A focus on visitors, campaigns and real time engagement.



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