Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

"The art of analysis often fails to deliver ginarmous success simply because of how limited our worldview is when we go about identifying bottom-line impacting insights"

- Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist


Need help with optimising and managing your web analytics cycle?

trust your analytical data

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What digital assets are you engaged in measuring and are they aligned to give an holistic view of your brand? 


Measure the success of your website or online campaigns (social, email etc) with the aid of web analytics products including Webtrends or Google Analytics

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Digest reports from analytical products in either a raw data format or through highly visual dashboards complete with graphs and intuitive navigation


If you have multiple users/departments, why not invest in tailored reports that are specific to your needs; save time and concentrate on data that is meaningful to you.

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Make use of data analysts (internally or externally) so they can interpret the specific behaviour of site visitors. This will act as a basis when presenting performance to higher management.


Get the most from the wealth of information that is available and understand the journeys that your digital customers are taking both online and offline.

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Optimise your website based on the analytical reports and conclusions. Future marketing campaigns can be approached differently and compared for performance analysis.


Once you have optimised your digital strategy, the next stage is to measure; thus continuing the never-ending web analytics cycle!

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