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  • Are you satisfied with the performance of your organisation, site, and digital resources?
  • Are you wondering how to improve things?
  • Do you know where to begin?


The key to any journey is finding the right start point, knowing where you need to go and importantly the route map of how to get there. 

The Matraxis BI Roadmap is designed to simplify the process of picking a suitable application platform to fit with your business objectives and infrastructure. Although not strictly a direct path, this roadmap will help you to keep tasks on track.


Start the Web Analytics Road Journey




Stage 1:  Getting Started

This stage aims to understand your business needs and key measures by sector.  At this stage these requiremnats will be discussed reviewed and documented.  Platform options will be considered at this stage as a first pass suitablity fit - a shortlist of options will be prepared and a suitable approach chosen for prototype development.


The first development phase is to deliver a proof of concept and prototype, this will establish if the platform options provide your business with the reporting of key measures you need before moving forward to first pilot, pre production, development. 













Stage 2: Prototype to Pilot

Following the confirmation of key requirements the first development stage is to deliver a proof of concept and prototype.  This will test the platform against requirements and deliver if the platform options required provide your business some first stage reporting of key measures before moving forward to full development.  Matraxis recommends an agile development model for continued delivery and refinement on an ongoing basis.  In line with this the development platform must support fast development and should not require deep IT resources.













Stage 3: Deliver & Roll Out

The second development phase is the first production version and roll out to the user audience, typically is managed stages.  A complete set of reports will be part of this delivery to match user and user group profiles. The production system will now include automated data feeds and report delivery. 










Stage 4: Ongoing Review

The nature of a business intelligence and performance management implementation is that it will adapt to the business as requirements mature, change and new needs emerge.  It is important to review requirements on a regular basis so it is key to choose a platform that not only delivers the business results but can be tuned and modified over time without massive technical effort. 


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