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Digital Analytics

For site, mobile and social

Only 11% of businesses are delivering a consistent experience for customers online

Understanding the user journey is the #1 ranked need for digital marketers today

Imagine having the tools and expertise in place

Discover the online journey

You are spending ££££s on marketing...but do you know the return from your investment?

How do visitors find you?

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So you have got their attention, but do you know how visitors got to your site?

Acquisition can be measured in terms of a visitor not only arriving, but also engaging in some sort of initial action, such as an opt-in to a newsletter

Get more visitors to your site

Are site goals being met?

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Your site goals are the critical actions that you want your visitors to engage in

By knowing the paths to conversion, make informed changes to your website and digital campaigns. Increase customer satisfaction and bottom line profits

Increase your site conversions

Achieving customer loyalty?

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You have now got a customer, but are they returning for repeat business?

It costs less to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Retention focuses on the customer relationship and the on-going activities to maintain this

Get customers back to your site

The Matraxis Approach

Software led approach based on using rich technology, priding ourselves on delivering cost effective applications that deliver meaningful information for business users and information consumers

Help organisations maximise return from their web site investments. We work in a close partnership that recognises organisations goals, individual needs and personal requirements

Our expertise is focused on increasing your competitive advantage through accurate and sophisticated analytics, interactive customer measurement, data management and systems integration

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