Driving Intelligence Through Advanced Analytics

All organisations hold a wealth of data, often locked away in systems and applications across the IT landscape. 

Matraxis has the depth of experience to help you unlock this data to drive value to your business, improve corporate performance and protect your network from threats.

The Analytics Journey

Cyber Security.

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Cyber Security - Advanced SIEM

Matraxis partners with world-class Security Information and Event Management - SIEM - solution provider LogPoint to support organisations to meet compliance requirements, provide forensics capabilities and improve operational insight.



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Cyber Security - SIEM

Set and Measure Goals.

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Business & Web Analytics

Your business goals are the critical actions that you want to measure across the organisation.  Matraxis can support you to audit your data, define KPIs, analytics and reporting, and so improve your digital efficiency.



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Business Performance

Performance Measurement

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Corporate Performance

You have now got a customer, but how is the performance of your Ecommerce business or website? Matraxis will help you measure and understand, in detail, profitability performance by product, marketing channel, platform and customer.



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Ecommerce Performance

Some Customer Organisations

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