Making Better Business Decisions Through Business Analytics

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Business Analytics for the Enterprise provides decision makers with the information they need to monitor performance in an accurate, relevant and timely manner - thus enabling better and more informed decisions.  

The Business Analytics Journey

Business Analytics Delivering Insight Across The Enterprise

How do visitors find you?

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Web Analytics

Web analytics forms a key strand of unified business analytics strategy to deliver insight into web visitor behaviour in terms of engagment and conversion to purchase or simply download content.

- Visitor Aquisition; measuring campaign performance, email, social and traditional

- Site Effectiveness; conversions, basket analysis, site registrations, downloads

- Loyalty; returning visitor performance, measure loyalty programmes

Web analytics data can be combined with other internal data for a complete business analytics solution.



Website Performance

Are Your Goals Being Met?

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Business Analytics

Your business goals are the critical actions that you want to measure across the organisation.  Key areas;

- KPI definition; what needs to be measured to provide true insight

- Data audit; review the data sources needed to provide the raw information necessary to drive analytics

- Analytics and Reporting definition; the business model

- Reporting and Delivery; via dashboard, spreadsheet, mobile, tablet

In building a cohesive and unified analytics strategy you can achieve real business improvement.


Business Performance

Performance Measurement

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Corporate Performance

You have now got a customer, but how is the performance of your Ecommerce business?

Measure profitability performance and drill into detail in terms of:

- Product Performance: lines, brands, categories and sub-categories

- Marketing Channel Performance: online and offline revenues to measure accurate return on investment

- Platforms Performance: understand buying patterns across sites, mobile apps, market places, call centres an physical stores.

- Customer Analysis: Recency, frequency and monetary analysis; buying patterns, Basket analysis


Ecommerce Performance

The Matraxis Approach

Discover:  Understand and develop the Key Performance indicators that drive your business.

Implement:  Prototype and develop the technology platform based on proved Business Apps and adapt to fit KPIs

Review: An on going process to continually monitor the performance to meet changing business priorities to best support the business

Some Customer Organisations

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